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This is a single FireMapper 2.0 infrared image of oil slicks in the Santa Barbara channel, California from 3000 feet

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oil spill mapping and
clean-up tracking

OilMapper has the high thermal infrared sensitivity required to not only map the extent of oil slicks but to discriminate between different thicknesses of oil on the surface as well. Thus, volume estimates can be determined with regard to the amount of oil that must be cleaned up.

OilMapper can be used to continuously monitor or track the clean up process and the dispersion of the oil. Because it operates in a full-frame staring mode, rather than in a line-by-line scanning mode, the integration time is orders of magnitude larger--and the sensitivity much better--than line scanners. When combined with our proprietary calibration system, we can improve oil thickness estimates and map down to thinner layers of oil spills.

The small size and 7-lb. weight of OilMapper means it can also be located on oil drilling platforms or other structures to continuously look for oil spills. Hand held operation of the sensor is even possible. And if desired, a UV camera can be added to the system to map ultra thin layers of oil.

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