Space Instruments
The shaded area marks the path of imaging passes during the Three Forks fire near the eastern edge of Arizona in June of 2004. Maps provide location data, fire acreage estimates, and temperature values.
Data courtesy of BLM

Quick turnaround image
processing services

Our rapid response data processing services support emergency mapping of wildfires and oil spills. A few data transfer and processing steps turn single frame imagery into map information for critical decision making.

Processing of Firemapper® 2.0 and Oilmapper imagery is performed 24 hours per day. Turn around time for critical map information is justa few hours. Imagery and corresponding GPS data acquired during imaging missions is written to a single digital file. At the completion of an imaging sequence, the digital file is transferred via a satellite phone and FTP to an image processing center. Thus, imagery acquired anywhere around the world may be immediately transferred to our central facility for processing and rapid turn-around.

The resulting data and maps can be delivered electronically to incident commanders and on-site GIS groups for immediate decision making.

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