Space Instruments
Finally, mosaics are overlaid onto digital base maps, providing intuitive, at-a-glance recognition of fire terrain at whatever angle is necessary for low-altitude aircraft runs or overhead strategic assessment.
Data courtesy of BLM

Three-dimensional maps

Print-ready maps are the final step in the chain. These detailed maps are enhanced and overlaid in 2D and 3D onto digital base maps such as DRG maps from the USGS. Then the fire location may be viewed in context with surrounding natural and cultural features such as lakes and roads. Custom base maps may also be used to indicate the relative location of physical and cultural features. These digital map graphics may be printed at a range of sizes, from 8.5" x 11" letter size to large poster size.

3D maps can be output from any angle of view depending on the need. Low-angle views provide a pilots-eye view for water and retardant drops as well as reconnaisance. Top-down perspective provides better insight into canyons and other mountainous terrian elements.

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