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This is a single frame captured by FireMapper 2.0 showing the color-coded heat intensities of a wildfire. The digital image can be downloaded in minutes by satellite phone and shared with emergency staff in the air and on the ground.
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Tactical Low Altitude Tactical Mode
for low altitude
(Retardant shown in green)

Mouse over to view mosaic images of the Star fire...
Visible image mosaic
Simultaneous FireMapper infrared image mosaic

FireMapper® 2.0
for wildfire mapping

FireMapper® 2.0 is the most compact, versatile and easy-to-use fire mapping system on the market. Our plane-borne sensors can see through smoke and haze to deliver a detail image that shows the size, strength and speed of large-scale fires.

FireMapper features distinct advantages over traditional fire mapping systems. It provides a full color image that depicts heat intensity up to 1200° C without saturation. Most current sensors saturate even on smoldering ash or sunlit rocks so everything warm looks the same.

With FireMapper, the heat intensity is accurately calibrated to show the firelines and hot spots so the location and direction of the fire can be determined. In fact, the actual temperatures of any pixel in the image can be read merely by touching the pen to the image on the tablet PC. With its high sensitivity, small spot fires can be easily detected from the air long before they grow into devastating forest fires.

Since the image is digital, it can be downloaded in near real time if necessary. GPS data accompanies every image so they can be projected onto flat topographic or 3D terrain maps. Individual images can also be piecemealed into mosaics to depict the full scope of a large wildfire.

FireMapper has a special "Tactical" mode for low altitude operation. This "Tactical" mode allows rapid imaging at up to 6 images per second to provide contiguous or overlapping images in tactical situations. In fact, at 120-knot speeds and an altitude of only 50 feet, a 30% image overlap is still attainable.

At its small size, FireMapper can also be mounted on buildings or towers to automatically detect fires at very early stages.

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