Space Instruments


Space Instruments is an industry leader specializing in infrared and visible spectrum imaging and radiometry. Headquartered near San Diego, California, we provide high technology products and design support to aerospace firms and government agencies in key areas of space instrumentation, including space surveillance, atmospheric sciences, remote sensing, and astronomy. Through a joint research effort with the US Forest Service, we have also developed wildfire and vegetation imaging sensors to aid in the conservation of natural resources.

Our product lines range from ultra sensitive scientific radiometers to airborne mapping systems, which are currently in use both in the US and overseas. Together with our electronics and manufacturing facilities outside Ft. Collins, Colorado, we also design and build specialized systems based on custom requirements and applications. These systems are tailored to each user's unique mission specifications.

We also specialize in mission and experiment planning and the design of the operational software required to carry out complex space and airborne missions. For example, we have designed successful flight experiments for the U.S. Air Force and DARPA.

SI engineers have indepth experience with a large number of successful space and airborne programs. They are available to assist in the design of embedded sensor control software and real-time, onboard signal processing software. This includes the design and analysis and simulation of algorithms for search, acquisition, discrimination and tracking sensors.

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